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Who are Bys Vyken

Bys Vyken Events are run by the husband and wife team, Martin & Sarah

We run a recce company called Whythra and through taking part in many of Bys Vyken races we were lucky to meet David and Sal. Their vision and dedication brought the dream of Bys Vyken Events to what it is today. We have become the new custodians and are looking forward to taking it into the future.

Martin Penney (LiRF)

I am passionate about the areas I run in, the history, ecology and its preservation. I am an England Athletics qualified leader in Running fitness.

I have participated in sports since leaving school and took up running in the last 10 years. My love for Cornwall led me into trail running ,which has seen me run thousands of miles competitively and socially across the land that I love.


Sarah Liveley (LiRF)

I am a small bundle of energy, who is passionate about running. It has been a significant part of my life for over 30 years. Starting as a teenager with fun runs and triathlons, I have grown up with running as he backbone of my life. I've now settled into a love of long distance trail running. I love the freedom of the trail and the wonders of the coast path, In all weathers, there is beauty to behold. My motto - there is no such thing as a bad day out on the trail

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