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Hall of Fame

Here, in the hallowed Hall of Fame, you will find the runners who stunned and amazed us with their performance

Can it be beaten? Who knows?

But, if you do, then reap the rewards

If a fastest time is beaten on race day then Bys Vyken Events will

reward you with a 

£50 cash prize!

Now, go out there and smash those records

Cousin Jack

Classic Jack

Fastest Female         Katy Norman      3h 48m

Fastest Male            Ed Dickinson      2h 40m

Ultra Jack

Fastest Female         Holly Legget         8h  17m

Fastest Male            Jason Richards    7h 16m

Run Like Hell

Fastest Female         Hannah Mason      1h 04m 32s

Fastest Male            Eirin Mc Daid            53m 22s

Smugglers Scuttler

Fastest Female         Shannon Clarke      2h 11m 58s

Fastest Male            Eirin Mc Daid          1h 48m 35s

Lighthouse Marathon

Fastest Female         Zelah Morrall      4h 34m 38s

Fastest Male            Josh Karpinski    3h 59m 51s

Fordh Sen Mighal

Fastest Female         Hannah Mason      1h 37m 51s

Fastest Male            Mark Smerdon      1h 22m 30s

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