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The Route

Sennen Cove

The West coast of Cornwall

The Smugglers route is a mix of tarmac, gravel, shale, mud and boulders.

We start at Lands End on tarmac, but this is brief. You are soon on the dirt and stone paths around the Land's End area. You are on this until you turn right, downhill into Sennen Cove and back onto the tarmac. Through the cove on roads and pavements and up out of the car park onto some sand for a while. 

At the end of the bay you are back onto soil before descending a stony bit onto Gwynver Beach. Across the beach (no steps) and back onto the dirt trails with a few boulders scattered in your way. Careful of the boulders and rocks, you have these for the next mile or so. 

The trail continues to be dirt and grass until you reach the zigzag, just before Cot Valley. The descent is rock and shale, again, take care. Not long and then you are back onto a dirt path to the valley floor. 

For a short while, Cot Valley is tarmac, then you turn left up and out of the valley. This is a lose stony ascent of Carn Gloose. The top of the carn is soil with the tiniest amount of tarmac by the trig pillar.

You then descend towards Cape Cornwall on a horrible, knobbly, stony path before reaching the bottom. Turn left then right up the stone staircase.. At the top, turn left towards the Cape. This is a mix of soil and stones.

You have reached Pirate Keith, so all you have to do is, run back!

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