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The Woods - Time to run

Bys Vyken Events welcomes you to the Woods, a place of myth and legend. 

Tehidy is the largest area of woodland in the west of Cornwall and it has a history stretching back

for over 1000 years.

This is a race with an air of the ethereal, don't get lost in them deep,dark woods

Its simple really, pick a duration and just keep moving.

You have the choice of Rowan (3 hours), Ash (6 hours), Beech (9 hours) and Oak (12 hours)

You will all run the same 4 mile loop and you all start at 8:00 am, with each duration

finishing on the sound of the bell.

The event is based in the top field just off from the B3301 which will be signposted

Everything is in the field, toilets, feed station, water and your kit box.

The route will be marked with triangles and there will be some marshals on course. There will also be

a roaming referee marshal who will be checking that no one is taking shortcuts.

The course is multi terrain with a tiny bit of road, but mostly grass, mud, gravel and tree roots.

Thank you to all the businesses and volunteers that support us. These events would 

never happen without you.

See you all in Tehidy on Saturday 14th September 2024

Event Schedule

Event HQ is in the top field at Tehidy Country Park on the B3301

There is no postcode for this location, I have included a map at the bottom of this page

The what3words for the entrance is puddles.competing.factory

There should be plenty of parking but please also consider car sharing.

Marshals will guide you to the parking

Registration and ID check is 6:30 am to 7:30 am

The registration van and gazebo are in the events field

Event briefing is at 7.45 with a prompt start at 8:00 am

Cut offs

Rowan   11:00 am

Ash   2:00 pm

Beech   5:00 pm

Oak  8:00 pm

You will set off from the field following the course arrows for the loop of the woods. You must cross the

timing belt on each loop and it must be crossed before you make use of the event fields facilities

There are 1st Female and 1st Male trophies for each duration and an overall team trophy

If there is more than one person still on the course once their bell has rung then the

winner is the first person back to the finish line.

You may keep a kit box in the events field, held in the runners enclosure (no more than 50cm x 50cm)

Health and Safety

We do our absolute best to make sure your day goes swimmingly but sometimes things can

go wrong.

If you are unwell, please do not turn up and try to run. The whole thing could unravel very


Look after yourself and your well being first

Please dress appropriately for the weather. The woods do not offer the shelter that you

would think. I have run the woods in a monsoon and within a minute, I was soaked and freezing cold.

The kit list is mandatory and you will not be allowed to run without it. It is your safety

we are thinking of and although a public woods, some areas are remote.

No entries on the day and you will be asked for photo ID

for safety and medical reasons, we must make sure nobody is running under someone else's

name. It is foolhardy and dangerous.

Please fill out the details on the back of your bib number. This is in case you get  into


It also has our emergency contact numbers on it

We have Omega Medical attending the event and looking after all the runners. They have been 

at every Bys Vyken event since 2016 and are thoroughly experienced. We would not trust

anyone else.

If at any point, you feel the need to retire then please get word to a marshal or to ourselves 

in the event field. We need to know that you are safe.

Please respect the environment and do not litter, deliberate acts of littering will result in a


Please also use the toilets provided, Tehidy is a highly popular and visited woods, anyone seen 

peeing in the woods will be disqualified. Sorry, I know its trail runners thing but I would 

like to host the event again next year

Pass runners responsibly and also give way to other runners. There will be a lot of walkers

and dogs, respect everyone.

The event is timed with an app timing system.

The race will be started with the Rowan runners at the front followed by the Ash,Beech and the Oak 

at the back.

There are 4 cut offs at this event, 3 hours through to 12 hours. The bell will be rung at each cut off time,

your run finishes when you cross the line.

If you cross the line 1 minute before the bell rings then you are entitled 

to finish that lap but remember, If 2 of you cross that line then the winner is the first one back.

Other things to remember

You will encounter walkers, dogs, cyclists and other runners, please be courteous

Sorry, no dogs allowed to run in this event.

All ID shown must be a physical item, ie; drivers's licence or passport

The aid station will be your standard fare for a race day, crisps, nuts, sweets and fruit.

There will be hot food and drinks for the Beech and Oak runners. We will not be able to

cater for all special dietary requirements but there will be vegan and meat options.

There will be large water containers and cola. Bys Vyken are a cup less events

company so please bring your own.

Please also be respectful of the venue, we would love to hold this event again next year.

Kit  List

Quality waterproof jacket (10,000 min with taped seams)

Cap, buff or similar

Hydration system (vest/pack) 1 ltr min

Reusable cup


First aid kit with blister plaster

Foil blanket


Fully charged mobile phone

Map (supplied)


Base layer

Photo ID


Head torch 150 lumen minimum with spare batteries

Thank you for reading all of the above and we look

forward to welcoming you into the impenetrable woods.

ARC Permit Number   ARC/24/0181

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