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The Route

Tehidy Woods

Tehidy Woods

Some parts of Tehidy Woods are as old as Cornwall itself. The trails are testing and varied throughout this 4 mile loop. You will find, hard packed trails, possibly mud, grass, wood bridges, tree rots and even some tarmac.

Describing a 4 mile loop through woods is quite long winded so prepare yourselves. We will be trying to keep arrows down to a minimum but we will be using sawdust and marshals to help where we think its needed. By your 4th lap, you should get the hang of it.

You will start in the home field making your way out of the southeast corner. There is a short piece of bark covered trail before you turn left onto a hard packed, wide track. Continue for about 50 yards before turning left up the slight hill towards North cliffs car park. Just as you get to the car park, turn right into the  North Cliffs plantation. Follow the arrows and sawdust trail around the plantation until you come back onto the hard packed track. Follow this left, downhill until you reach the houses and then turn right, staying on a track as you head west. Continue for about 200 yards before you reach the rangers crossroads. Take the immediate left down the hill, all the Otter Bridge, across and then a slight left before you begin the climb up into Oak Wood, a marshal will be here. You follow the dirt trail all the way around the perimeter of Oak Wood for about a mile as you finally head downhill and onto Snake Bridge. Cross the bridge, up the steps and turn left onto the packed ground of West Drive for about 1/2 mile to the next marshal. They will direct you up the steep hill on your right, up and up you go to the high pass trail, Turn right and follow the arrows/sawdust along this trail until you reach Otter bridge hill again. This trail is narrow with low branches and tree rots, please be careful. 

Turn left up the hill to the Rangers crossroads and this time turn left and follow the arrows to the fields. Turn left into the fields and follow the boundary all the way around, marked with sawdust. Keep following the boundary until you are almost back where you entered the fields, follow the big arrow which turns you left back towards the home field. Stay outside the boundary markers until you have crossed the start/finish line. At this point, you may then enter the home field for refreshments etc

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