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The Route

Porthkidney Beach

The Fordh Sen Mighal

St Michaels way is the only footpath to be designated as a European Cultural route and I will describe it below.

This race is a mix of road, sand, trails, grass and mud then more pebbles & sand.

You start this race on the road adjacent to Lelant railway station where you make your way up Green Lane to St Uny's Church. A brief right turn onto Church Road then head down the coast path past the left hand side of the church. Down a slight decline, through the golf course, under the railway and turn left up onto the dunes. 

You run through the dunes, following the coast path along Porthkidney and round Hawkes Point. You are now back onto muddy trail paths until you climb the steps up to Beach Road. This will lead you down to Carbis Bay Hotel. Through the complex and back onto a tarmac path, over the railway track and continue until to reach the marshal. They will send you left up the hill to the main Carbis Bay/St Ives road. Turn right and head down to the Cornish Arms pub. Here you will find your first water/feed station.

You then turn left and left again, heading up Steeple Lane to the next marshals. They will send you left and up to Knill's Monument where you turn right and then left downhill towards Laity Lane. The Marshal here will turn you left, down this road which you stay on before following the signpost on a hidden right turn footpath. This will take you through behind Una Resort and across some horse paddocks (please respect the horses)

You cross this field diagonally, over a stile and across Trencrom Lane and over a stile next to Standing Stone Stables. Follow the field around the stables and look for the small stile under the tree off to your right. This leads down a narrow path to a house where you have to squeeze past the infamous car. Down the track and you arrive at the main road crossing beside Bowl Rock. There will be marshals here to help you cross before you head onto the fields afterwards. A nice long steady climb up the grass field to the swampy mud at the top. Wade through, over the stile, cross the road, over another stile ( there a lot of stiles) and begin your climb of Trencrom. 

Be sure to grab a picture of Sir Keith who will be there to encourage or beat you over the top and down to Trencrom Hill car park. Here is your second water/feed station. Out from there, turn right, down the road. Around a left bend and right bend, look for the first left turn in the road, which heads down hill. Take this and follow it down to the stream. Turn right there, back onto the trails at Ninnes Bridge and the beautiful Chapel. This section is fields after fields with lots of gates. Please respect the farmers here, close gates and do not spook the farm stock. Eventually, you pop out on the road at Boskennal, turn right here and go over the footbridge beside the ford. Follow the road, slightly uphill until you sight the marshal. They will direct you left and continue up hill, around Boskennal Farm before looking out for the footpath directly in front of you on the right side of the road. Across the first field, down hill (diagonally) on the second field to the muddy stile at the bottom, Through the woodland then back into cow fields, up hill to the gate in the top right hand corner. Through one more field to the road, Turn left. Follow for a short distance before turning right back onto the trails.

Down this trail, then up through the woodlands towards Ludgvan Church. Around the church and turn left onto the road. Follow that round to the pub, here is your last water/feed station. Immediately after this, take the footpath on your right which heads off across the fields of Varfell Farm. 

You come out onto the road at Ludgvan Leaze. Follow the marshals directions who will send you towards to A30 and assist you on crossing the road (Please be careful) 

Yes, you guessed, over a stile and down through the fields. The farmer has asked that you please keep to the footpath on the far left side. You then reach the A394, there are again marshals to help you cross and again, please be careful, (take you time!)

Through the woodlands and then across the marshes. This is a wildlife protection area, so no deviating from the course please. There is a railway track to cross, where there is a marshal present for your safety.

Follow the footpath all the way through the marshes, until you emerge at the old bridge over the Red River on Green lane. Again, follow the marshals directions as they send you into Marazion. Go along the main road towards where a marshal will send you down Kings road and onto the South West Coast Path. Follow the footpath along until you cross the small footbridge over the Red River then its onto the beach. And here you run up to finish Line at the Old Station Pub.

Where you will be knackered and covered in all sorts but you will have had an adventure to remember

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