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The Trigathon

Virtual Event

£ 15.00

The Trigathon is a race with a difference

It is not decided on time but distance.

Why not give it a go, you may stand a chance

Trig pillars were conceived by Brigadier Martin Hotine and the network of over 6500+ were built by the

18th April 1936.

They are used to map Great Britain by triangulation

Sarah and I have run this route and it came to 26.5 miles. Try and beat us

Teams V individuals or Male V Female. 

All are welcome and all are equal

Waz on?

Your guide to the race

This race is multi terrain and involves some pre planning.

You will be given the What3words location of each Trig pillar as well as a map of them.

Start your tracker at your first Trig Pillar and stop it at the last one.

Its as simple as that, shortest distance wins!

There are, of course, rules.

1. We must have a photo of each trig pillar base with your race number.

2.You must always obey the countryside code (be mindful and don't break the law)

3 You must record your run/walk. Use Strava, Garmin, whatever. We need to see your route.

Trophies awarded on the 18th April each year for 1st, 2nd and 3rd

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