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The Trigathon

Virtual Event

The Trigathon is a race with a difference

It is not decided on time but distance.

Why not give it a go, you may stand a chance

Trig pillars were conceived by Brigadier Martin Hotine and the network of over 6500+ were built by the

18th April 1936.

They are used to map Great Britain by triangulation

Sarah and I have run this route and it came to 26.5 miles. Try and beat us

Teams V individuals or Male V Female. 

All are welcome and all are equal

Virtually Cornwall

£ 15.00
per month


Virtually Cornwall is a monthly virtual event to help you 

with your training runs

Set your target mileage for the month and log them with us. Use our bespoke social media pages to keep track on how you are doing and collect a jigsaw medal each month

Working to get from the couch to 10k? Training for a half marathon or aiming a little farther? 

Train with us and earn 12 medals over the year,

build that map of Cornwall

Or, if you fancy a reward for a run each month ?

Then this is for you, a perfect memento for those runs

Waz on?

Your guide to 

Virtually Cornwall



What you want to do is entirely up to you.

Walk or run? Long or short? You set your training goals

We will be there to help with bespoke social media, that will have fellow runners and walkers all out there earning their medals

All training must be recorded and sent to us. 

Plus, you get 15% off all Bys Vyken individual races and half price recces with Whythra

Virtual Medals
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