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Lamarth Backyard Ultra

Friday 23rd August 2024


Tickets open

Welcome to Lamarth Backyard Ultra

I think we should start with a little history

The original backyard ultra was in 2011 and was invented by Gary 

"Lazerus Lake" Cantrell and is called the Big Dog's Backyard

But its origins can be traced as far back as 1910!

What is a backyard ultra?

In simple terms, its a 4.167 mile loop which has to be completed in a 

one hour time window and then repeated at every hour.

Lamarth is a working farm set in the beautiful rolling

countryside of Southwest Cornwall

Its comprised of compacted fields and tracks

Backyard Ultras are not for the feint hearted

The distance is 4.167 miles because that will get you to

100 miles in 24 hours

Are you the one to put yourself to the test?

Waz on?

Your guide to the race

The race is a 4.167 mile loop, starting and finishing in the events field

Start time is 8:00 am on Friday 23rd August 2024

You must complete each loop within the hour and be ready to start

the next loop at the commencement of that next hour

Camping is from the 22nd August until the morning after the end of the event.

Please visit Lamarth Campsite to see what facilities they have

(click on any picture below to take you to their site)

The concept of Backyards is quite simple but there are a few rules

You must be ready to run and in the starting box when the bell 

sounds, you must start at the bell

There is a warning sound 3, 2 and 1 minute before the bell

You are not allowed to leave the course ( toilet breaks are permissible)

No outside assistance on the course but it is allowed between completed laps

No poles

No non competitors on the course including DNF runners

There is a an aid station adjacent to the starting box with hot and cold food

The winner is the last person to complete a whole lap within that hour

All other runners are DNF

If no runner can complete one more loop than anyone else then there is

no winner!

Good Luck 

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