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Smugglers Scuttler

Sunday 23rd June 2024




4th March 2024

Welcome me Hearties, it is good to see

you back aboard for the

7th Smugglers Scuttler 

A half marathon ish with a difference! Take

some pirates, get them stealing treasures

from Pirate Keith

and you have yourself a race.

Visit a shipwreck, grab a bag full of booty and that is all that you need to claim your prize, a medal . 

Your run starts from Land's End  and

make your stealthy way to Cape Cornwall.

Climb to the top and steal your treasures,

then back again along the

South West Coast Path.

Me Hearties, this is not an easy half marathon but the rewards are boundless. 

Waz on?

Your guide to the race

The race is a multi terrain race over 12 1/2 miles

Race start is at 10am with a 4 1/2 hour cut off

Start and finish point is the Lands End Hotel

Booty must be collected at Cape Cornwall. No Booty, no medal.

You will be stealing the pirates treasured belongings. Be sure to keep them safe.

Registration is 8.00 - 9.30

This is an out and back race with plenty of parking at the Lands End attraction. Local residents can apply for free parking at reception, bring proof of address

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